I shot this piece with the canon 1DC a little while ago, I just finished and uploaded it to my Youtube channel, I invite you all to suscribe to it! I will try to post videos every week, I also have a new channel where I will put different and strange things on it: “The Maker” —- Fotografie este video hace meses con la CANON 1DC, estaba probándola, los invito a suscribirse a mis nuevos canales de youtube, Canal de FITOPARDO personal donde les prometo pondre un video nuevo cada semana y el nuevo que cree que se llama “The Maker” (el creador) que ahi pondre cosas raras igual tratare cada semana, porfavor suscribanse para que vean lo que voy subiendo   MUSICA: PABLO MONDRAGON

Top 6 Reasons TO do Street Photography   1 – You will be part of a very cool community Only people who truly appreciate the art of street photography will like your work and it will be a lot more meaningful and gratifying than any ‘likes’ you’d get for a pretty picture. The street photography community is awesome. They are so passionate because they are doing it for the pure love of it, not to please anyone or get recognition on social media. 2 – You are documenting life around you Street photography is not a hot seller in the fine art world. As a street photographer, you have to look at the bigger picture (no pun intended). You are creating images that reflect a moment in time that will provide some valuable insight for future generations. Just look at the work of street photographers from 50 years ago, and how much we learn from it. That said, you never know when someone is going to connect with one of your images and want to buy a print. Be open to the idea of an occasional sale but don’t bet the farm on it. 3  – You shoot street photography […]

23 May 2012 Adolfo Pardo In Interviews

Posted on May 23, 2012 222 by Frank Pasquine 239 Posted in Filmmaking, Student and Alumni Spotlights Fito Pardo graduated from New York Film Academy in the late 90’s. Since then, he has gone on to direct short films and music videos, has worked as cinematographer on over 30 projects, and has found success as a photographer for publications worldwide, including Marie Claire, Vogue Japan, andNational Geographic. Though he had loved films since his youth, Fito got little support when he expressed an interest in learning filmmaking. At his father’s insistence, he postponed his dreams of studying filmmaking. “I studied Administration for probably 6 months in one of the best universities in Mexico, and after the first 2 months I just knew it wasn’t for me,” he says. Eventually Fito started writing to film schools for information. After winning a partial scholarship to New York Film Academy, Fito was on his way to Manhattan. “I studied in NYFA between 1995 and 1997,” he says. “My experience was amazing. I had no idea how to use a film camera, so the workshops helped me understand what I was getting myself into…. At NYFA I learned how to write a script, how to be a cinematographer, how to be a producer, and how […]